This question of enrolment (as Seth Godin calls it) comes up all over the place. Essentially, it means making a committed decision.

If you ask people whether they want to earn more money, they’ll invariably say yes. But when you ask what they’re doing to make that a reality, they’re stumped. A small percentage will have ideas. An even smaller number will be acting on the ideas.

The same holds true for health and fitness goals. No one ever says they want to be sick, yet a large portion of the population have lifestyles that lead to illness.

You know where I’m going with this, don’t you?

We say we want to be authors, yet very few of us are behaving in a way that will result in us writing a novel. What’s going on here? We haven’t enrolled. We haven’t made a committed decision to do what it takes to finish the book. Unless and until that decision is made there isn’t anything anyone can do to help us.

We’ve got to want this enough to get ourselves to do the work.

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