Valerie Francis

Author, Literary Editor, Podcaster

Whether you write books or simply love to read them, there’s something here for you.



Valerie has written two bestselling novels. The first is a middle grade fantasy entitled Nature Knights: Crossing the Rubicon and the second, Masquerade, is an open-door romance for busy women who want to unwind at the end of the day.

Valerie is currently working on her third novel, a vampire thriller for fans of Anne Rice and Gillian Flynn.

There are so many wonderful authors to discover that Valerie has started an online book club featuring stories by, for and about women. Be sure to subscribe to get her monthly recommended read.



As a literary editor and podcaster, Valerie is constantly sharing her love and knowledge of storytelling with fellow authors. A well-written story is the best possible marketing strategy, and the good news is that story theory isn’t as hard to understand as it seems.

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