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Valerie Francis is a writer, literary editor and podcaster based in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. To date, she has published two middle grade fantasies, and an open-door romance with sales in 46 countries worldwide. She is currently working on her first thriller.

As a literary editor, Valerie’s goal is to demystify story theory so other authors can write better stories in less time. She’s devoted many years, and many more thousands of dollars, learning and applying her craft. She’s studied with some of the industry’s top professionals including Robert McKee, Shawn Coyne and Alec Sokolow.

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As a podcaster, Valerie co-hosts Story Nerd, a weekly show where she and fellow writer and editor, Melanie Hill, share their knowledge of, and love for, the craft of storytelling. Each week they analyze a film so that novelists and screenwriters can see story theory in practice. If you need proof that Valerie knows what she’s talking about, tune in to Story Nerd. And when you’ve finished that backlist of episodes, check out the Story Grid Editor Roundtable podcast, a show Valerie co-hosted for three years.