Poll Results: Poor Cinderella

Last week, I experimented with running a poll on the blog. I asked whether people preferred the books they read to have happy endings, or satisfying endings that made sense with the plot and general arc of the story.

Turns out, 2/3 of the people who voted chose the satisfying ending. The caveat being that it sometimes depends on the genre – happily ever after (HEA) is par for the course in a romance novel, for example.

Have we become cynical readers then?  Too jaded by the harsh realities of life to swallow HEA?  No, actually I think the opposite is true.  We, as readers, already know how Cinderella’s story turns out.  We’re not opposed to HEA, but we’re looking for something new and fresh – an unexpected ending that works.

So move over HEA.  Make way for SEA:  Satisfyingly Ever After.



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