Money Talks

All around me I hear people saying that they don’t have the money to do what they want.

In my running group, people complain of pain and injury. They say they don’t have the money for physiotherapy or massage therapy. They say they don’t have money for gym memberships or personal training.

Various writers I know say they don’t have the money to invest in courses or to attend writing events. They don’t have the money to set up a website or pay book cover designers or invest in editors.

What these people are really saying is that their health, or their career, isn’t that important to them. If they really wanted to improve their health and fitness, if they really wanted to earn a living as a writer, they’d find the money.

The things you spend your money on are your priorities in life. When we say that money talks, this is what we mean. How you spend the money you have announces to the world what you value.

About the author 

Valerie Francis

Valerie Francis is a bestselling author, literary editor, and podcaster with a passion for stories by, for and about women.

Each month, Valerie recommends books from literature’s best female authors. Selections come from every genre because women write, and read, in every genre. The Women’s Fiction category offers up some terrific novels, but these days there’s a strong female presence in thriller, horror, crime, and other genres traditionally dominated by male writers. No matter what the publishing companies may think, in the 21st Century, Women’s Fiction is whatever we want it to be.

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