Jodi Picoult: “Lone Wolf”

Jodi Picoult began writing her first novel after being downsized from her day job on Wall Street.  Since then she has published nearly 20 novels (a book a year), written while she was at home looking after her kids.  You can see why her story resonates with me.

I’m currently reading her recent novel entitled “Lone Wolf.”  It’s an interesting enough story about two siblings deciding whether to end their father’s life support.  I could easily say all the usual things about it … thought provoking, well-crafted etc.  I have to be honest though.  For me, the life support issue is not nearly as interesting as the bits about wolves.  The father, Luke Warren, spent his life studying wolves – caring for captured wolves in a zoo and even living among them in the wild.  The book changes point of view alternating between each of the siblings, Luke and his ex-wife.  I’m rushing through the family drama chapters to get to the descriptions of Luke living among a pack of wild wolves in Canada.  Truly fascinating stuff – and yes, she interviewed a guy who actually did this.  I’ll see if I can find his story to share with you in a future blog.

In the first clip below, Jodi Picoult is giving an interview in England and teaches the two journalists to howl like a wolf.  Pretty funny stuff (although, the female journalist doesn’t look to impressed).  Ah, what an author won’t do to promote her book!  The second clip is the full interview (nearly 9 minutes).



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