love stories for busy women

People wonder why I use a pseudonym. It’s pretty simple, actually. A pen name makes it easy for readers to distinguish between the genres of books I write.I like to say that I write for kids and their moms. While the moms can certainly read their kids’ books, it may not be appropriate for the kids to read their moms’ books. (Unless of course, your kid is the age of majority…)

I’ve designed the Robin St. Croix books with busy women in mind. Our lives are hectic. We want to relax, but a 350+ page book is a commitment. It’s work. And we have enough work. To make it easier to digest, I divided one story into twelve parts. Each part contains chapters that are potato chip length — you’ll want just one more. They’re short enough to read on your phone while you’re at the dentist’s office, or waiting for your daughter to finish soccer practice, or enjoying a glass of wine on a Friday night. You can binge read all twelve parts at once, or take your time and read them when you’re ready.

To get you started I’m offering the first part of Robin’s debut novel, Masquerade, for free. It’s the story of two people who, to escape the pressures of life, meet once a month for a year in a series of secret rendezvouses. It’s romantic, but it’s not a romance. Masquerade is a love story.