Welcome to Story 101. These snappy little episodes are designed to be your quick reference guide to story theory. So for those days when you need a refresher, you can pop in and give it a listen, and then get back to writing. You've got this!

The biggest problem facing writers who are trying to understand theory and learn how stories work, is that there is no standard lexicon. This leads to no end of problems…and frankly, arguments. How do we deal with this lack of consensus? Tune in to find out.

We’ve all heard this advice from A-List authors…if we want to be better writers we have to read more. What they don’t tell us is that reading like a writer is an entirely different activity than reading like a reader. In this episode, Melanie explains her approach to reading actively, deeply, widely and consistently.

How are you starting your story, and is your global inciting incident fulfilling its two most important functions? In this episode, Valerie fills you in on the key points you need to know about the Inciting Incident at the global story level and the scene level.

Thanks to you, our fellow story nerds, this little passion project of ours is growing by leaps and bounds. We’re already in 76 countries and are nearing 1,000 downloads per week. And we’re still in our first year! To express our gratitude, we’re introducing new bonus episodes called Story 101. They’ll be your quick reference guide to story theory for those times you need a little refresher. We’ve got your back!