Plot Structure + Resonance

Are you writing an archplot, a miniplot or an antiplot story? Does your story have a single protagonist, or multiple protagonists? The answers to these questions will have a huge impact on the way you structure your story and in this season, Valerie will tell you why.

All new stories evolve from the stories that came before them. Understanding how to tap into a reader’s desire to revisit the stories they long for is essential to writing a book readers will love. This is the study of Resonance (recurring themes, motifs, and conventions in writing) and it's Melanie's focus this season. 

Season 5 kicks off with Men in Black. Valerie is studying plot structure, and Melanie is studying resonance. Now, admittedly, plot structure doesn’t sound very sexy but it’s one of the first decisions a writer must make. If you haven’t chosen a structure for your novel, how will you know if what you’ve written is working? Do you know what the structure options are? Resonance is the ability to evoke or suggest images, emotions, and memories, and all successful writers use it to draw on their readers’ experiences. So, how are you putting it to use in your own WIP?

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