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This book club is much more than a mere list of curated titles. 
Each month, Valerie recommends a book that and gives you her professional opinion 
as an author and literary editor. 

If you love stories for women, by women and about women, this is the place for you!

The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House will scare the pants off you. It scares me. It scares Neil Gaiman. It scares Stephen King. Need I continue? It’s a super creepy haunted house story and I want to warn you, but I also don’t want to ruin the fun. Just remember, it’s

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The Mother-in-Law

Australian author, Sally Hepworth, got the idea for her latest novel when her real-life mother-in-law was living with her for six weeks. Hepworth swears that it’s a complete coincidence that the book is a murder mystery with the mother-in-law as the victim. (We’ll take her word for that, shall we?)

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Daisy Jones & The Six

Daisy Jones & The Six is a love story involving the lead musicians of a fictional 1970s American rock band, but it’s far from a typical love story. Author Taylor Jenkins Reid has innovated the heck out of it. I’m really tempted to tell you all the amazing things that

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Summer at the Art Cafe

Ahhhhh, summer has finally arrived! I’ve gotten some requests for a romance, so this month I’ve chosen a charming story from Sue McDonagh, a debut author out of Wales. Before I go further, a brief word about romances. It’s an easy genre to poke fun at and the uninitiated love

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Dear Mrs. Bird

Summer is around the corner so, I’m going to ignore the fact that I still need my winter coat here in Newfoundland, and begin my beach read recommendations!  One of the things I like best about Dear Mrs. Bird is that author AJ Pearce starts the story with a bang. Not literally,

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Prime Time

Jane Fonda’s Prime Time might seem like an odd choice given that Mother’s Day is this month. And I’ll be honest, I was hoping to recommend a novel about motherhood. I looked high and low and read (or partially read) about a dozen books. I discovered that books about motherhood fall

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