Nature Knights: Prequel Teaser

Defiant takes place just before book one begins. At only four chapters long, it introduces you to the characters and the story, and it gives you an idea of what’s about to come, but it doesn’t wrap up at the end the way a novel does. Instead it ends on a cliffhanger, which is also called a teaser. 

Nature Knights: Book One

Crossing the Rubicon centers around two main characters, Eric Archer and Clancy Donovan, both of whom are twelve years old. When his brother contracts a deadly disease, Eric’s search for an antidote leads him to the magical world of Avalon where the elements of nature (earth, wind, fire and water) are controlled by four mighty clan chiefs. He meets Clancy Donovan, a young warrior and future chief of her clan, and learns that the people of Avalon are also suffering from the disease that has affected his brother. Together, Clancy and Eric go on an action-packed quest for a cure and encounter dragons, hags, powerful swords and plenty of sorcery.

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Here's what people are saying about Nature Knights.

Nicole Laverdure, Amazon Reviewer

“Defiant is the prequel teaser of a fantasy adventure for children aged from 9-12. But since, I’m a young at heart person, I decided to read it so I could recommend it to parents with children who love reading.

The author, Valerie Francis, is new to me and I didn’t know what to expect! What a beautiful surprise!

This series has two main characters, both aged 12 years old, in Defiant, we meet Clancy, a headstrong and brave little girl, a young warrior and future chieftain of the Aingeal clan. Clancy, her family and friends live in Donovan, where a terrible disease is getting them sick! So, she decides to search for an antidote that will lead her to the magical world of Avalon, where she might find the key to cure them. Let’s mention that Clancy has a special power, you will discover, what it is, if you follow her journey

Valerie Francis really wrote a beautiful fantasy filled with magic, witch and sorcery. I’m sure this series Nature Knights will please young readers of medieval adventures.

Note for parents, this story is nicely written, I strongly recommend it. As an adult reader of medieval adventures, I’m quite pleased to have taken the time to read Defiant and offer it to my grandchildren!”

CP, Amazon Reviewer

“My daughter likes this book. She says the character development is good, and the story starts slow and picks up the pace. She liked the topic and she enjoyed the differences between the good and bad characters.”

Nicole Laverdure, Amazon Reviewer

“I really enjoyed CROSSING THE RUBICON, first book in the Nature Knights series, written by Valerie Francis! It’s the perfect story for pre-teens aged 9-12, but readers of all ages, will love it too. This fantasy adventure explains to the young readers, the importance of protecting and respecting the nature, otherwise, there will be consequences!

The two main characters, aged 12, almost 13, are Clancy and Eric. Clancy is a brave young female warrior with a special power and Eric, the young boy, who will help her in her quest to find an antidote to cure the disease that has affected their family and friends. To do so, Clancy will have to go through the portal, to enter the forbidden world, where she will encounter mystery, danger, sorcery and dragons. Both will live a great adventure filled with twists and turns!

Have fun following Clancy and Eric, to the magical world of Avalon where the elements of nature (earth, wind, fire and water) are controlled by four mighty clan chiefs!

I would recommend that you , first read, DEFIANT, the prequel teaser!

Valerie Francis really wrote a beautiful fiction that will surely please pre-teens readers, parents and teachers!”

Vicki, Amazon Reviewer

“What a fantastic debut in the middle-grade fantasy world! This book has it all! Dragons! Magic! Quests! Arthurian mythology! But that’s just skimming the surface. The characters are compelling and real (I love John!) and it’s a truly modern fantasy, with a thoughtful but not heavy-handed message about protecting the environment. I loved this book. Whether you’re 9 or 99, check out Valerie Francis’ Nature Knights series. You won’t be disappointed.”

Eugene Howard, Amazon Reviewer

“A fantasy with substance, sure to have middle school age readers waiting for the completion of the trilogy. As a St. John’s reader I enjoyed the many local references. The cover design, colors and chapter logos all enhance. I am very pleased to add this book to my shelves of Newfoundland and Labrador authors. Well done.”

Terry, Amazon Reviewer

“A great read for kids and parents alike.”

Stephanie, mother of a 9-year-old boy

“I just finished reading Crossing the Rubicon with my son. It is SO GOOD. We really, really liked it. We couldn’t put it down in the last half.” 

William, age 11

“I liked the book, it kept me thinking and I liked that there were things that reminded me of Newfoundland in it.”

Alex, age 12

“Crossing the Rubicon was just awesome!”


Masquerade: What would you do if you knew you wouldn't get caught?

Masquerade is a love story in twelve parts. It’s romantic, but it’s not a romance.


Isla Foster and Colin Jackman are strangers. Slaves to the daily grind of life, they each receive an anonymous invitation to a masquerade ball — one of the most prestigious events in New York City. There they are given lavish costumes, false identities and an opportunity to take part in a seductive game.

If they accept, for one year they will meet in a series of secret rendezvouses designed to let them escape reality, consequence free. No one will ever find out where they go or what they do, as long as they follow three simple rules:

  • they must never know the other’s identity
  • they must only meet at the prearranged times and places
  • they must not fall in love

What could possibly go wrong?

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Here's what people are saying about Masquerade.

Victoria Barbour, USA Today Bestselling Author

“You’ll be hooked from the opening scene. Masquerade is an edge-of-your-seat suspense that, from the first word, will have you rooting for a taboo love affair. Robin St. Croix has woven a captivating tale of steamy intrigue that will leave you breathless and wanting more. Now that’s what I call romance.”

Stephanie Stait, Reader

“I love this concept.  The parts are short enough to read on my schedule yet intriguing enough to keep me coming back. Love this idea!”

Tamara Vatcher, Reader

“After a long hard week, I picked up Masquerade thinking I would fall asleep within five minutes. Instead, I stayed up to the early hours of the morning, lured deeper and deeper into the lives of Colin and Isla. Masquerade is compelling, not because it allowed me to escape into a fantasy world but rather that it followed the life of two very real people who struggled with finding their happiness in a world heavy with boundaries and limits. Masquerade is honest, raw and complex but amidst the chaos of human interaction and emotion it leaves you always rooting for love, rooting for Colin and Isla because in the end, it is love that drives us all and Robin St. Croix has captured this fundamental desire in Masquerade magnificently.”

Mary Anne Lightfoot, Amazon Reviewer

“This first installment hooked me in every way: interesting opening, great detail, fully-fleshed major characters, each with a problematical life situation and minus my pet peeve — poor editing. This installment is expertly written AND edited, so there are no grammatical errors or typos to weaken/distract from the story. Kudos to Ms. St. Croix. I look forward to reading more!”

Julie, Amazon Reviewer

“I really like this book. The characters were believable, the story had some mystery and I liked where the series was going to go with the Masquerade themes. I especially liked how this story was ‘as long as a glass of wine’. I didn’t test that but it was as long as a short stint on the beach. Now I want to see what happens in the next few stories!”

Lorri Mitchell, Amazon Reviewer

“I was left hanging in chapter 8 which is the fun part of how this was released. 9 is a rapid fire read. Exciting and now I am anxiously awaiting part 10!”

avidreaderfromthesouth, Amazon Reviewer

“Absolutely love this format of delivery for a book. Oh Robin aka Masquerade you have my attention now! I voluntarily reviewed this book.”

Pringet, iBooks Reviewer

“Each chapter leaves you wanting more – wondering what’s going to happen next!”

Raton de Biblioteca, Amazon Reviewer

“Well written and really interesting concept. It was a quick read, took me less than an hour to get through. I love the concept of releasing a new segment every few weeks, it gives you something to look forward to. I see characters beginning to develop as well as the plot but it was just a little too short to fully hook me in, but I’m definitely willing to give the next installment a try! Definitely a good pick if you’re looking for a quick read to relax with on an evening off.”

Boy from the rock, Amazon Reviewer

“Absolutely phenomenal. Each part is better written than the last. The depth of the characters and the complexity and (at the same time) simplicity of the story for these two souls is off the charts. Truly offers the complex answer to the question (so far) “what would you do if you wouldn’t be caught”