Character and Raison d’Être

You’ve heard the saying “there are no small roles, only small actors.”  Well, I argue the same is true of characters.  We’ve all read at least one book that had a “stock” character – someone following the formula for his archetype so closely that he was just dull; the disgruntled employee, the ditzy blonde or […]

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My Muse

The gods of creative energy have a twisted sense of humour.  First they instill in us an obsessive need to produce something from nothing (a novel, a musical score, a sculpture etc).  Then they stand back and let us flounder around in our potential.  It’s almost like they’re testing us; waiting to see which of […]

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Neil Gaiman

This is an author you want to check out. He’s kooky and entertaining; a brilliant writer with a diversified career (kids books, adult novels, screenplays for tv and film and graphic novels). He wrote “Coraline” which was recently made into a movie – those of you with kids will recognize it. I first came across […]

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