“Valerie Francis really wrote a beautiful fantasy filled with magic, witch and sorcery. I’m sure this series Nature Knights will please young readers of medieval adventures. Note for parents, this story is nicely written, I strongly recommend it. As an adult reader of medieval adventures, I’m quite pleased to have taken the time to read Defiant and offer it to my grandchildren!”

Nicole, Amazon reviewer

After 300 years on the offensive, Nature is fighting back!

Three hundred years ago a mighty sect, known as the Mì-Rùnach, broke away from the kind and peace-loving society that inhabited the earth. They were a power-hungry group who no longer wanted to live in harmony with the land as their ancestors had done. They wanted to dominate it. And so they waged war on the earth, destroying forests, poisoning waters and killing both man and beast. In doing so, they were also torturing Queen Panthea—or Mother Nature as she’s known—attacking her so brutally that she has begun to die.

If she dies, the earth and all the people on it, die with her.

So after three hundred years on the offensive, Nature is fighting back!

Valerie Francis

Valerie Francis is an indie author based in Newfoundland on the east coast of Canada. When she saw a photo of a turtle that had died because of plastic garbage it ingested, she wondered what would happen if nature could fight back. That evening she began writing the Nature Knights series.

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Some rules need to be broken.

defiantA plague is sweeping throughout Avalon. Clancy Donovan’s sister has died and now her brother is sick too. Official word is that a cure is on its way, but they’re lying and Clancy knows it.

To find an antidote someone must travel into enemy territory—an act forbidden by the Queen herself. As future chief of her clan, Clancy has vowed on pain of death, to obey the laws of Avalon and uphold her family’s code of honour.

Now, to save her brother she must break that promise, disobey the Queen as well as the laws of Avalon and risk losing the chieftainship. Clancy must become, defiant.

“A great read for kids and parents alike.”

Terry, Amazon reviewer

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