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Children's Books

Nature Knights fantasy adventure series for ages 9+

In a magical world where people can summon the elements, a deadly disease is raging. Clancy Donovan’s sister has died and now her brother is sick too. Those in power say a cure is on its way. But they’re lying and Clancy knows it.

Authorities have labelled Clancy difficult and rebellious; now she’s their best hope for a cure. To succeed in her quest she must disobey the Queen, the laws of her land, and even her family. She must once again become, defiant.

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Story Editing

Story editors focus on the overall craft of storytelling. We study the big picture things like why a novel does, or doesn’t work. I love helping writers develop their manuscripts. Most authors have an intuitive sense of when a scene or book is falling flat, but they’re at a loss as to what to do about it. My job is to figure out exactly where the problem areas are and provide concrete suggestions as to how they can be improved. 

I offer developmental editing to serious authors who are ready to bring their manuscripts to the next level.

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Women's Fiction

I use the pseudonym Robin St. Croix for love stories so that readers can easily distinguish between the genres I write in.

Masquerade is a novel in twelve parts, each part is the length of a glass of wine, a soak in the tub, or a commute home.

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