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Certified Story Grid Editor

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As a Certified Story Grid Editor, I teach writers to become better storytellers. I have studied directly with Shawn Coyne, a 25-year veteran of the NYC Big 5 publishing industry, to learn his tried and true editing technique. 

The Story Grid method is foolproof. I’m telling you this from experience. I’ve used it to improve my own novels and I know it will improve yours. It will save you hours of heartache and frustration by objectively pinpointing problem areas and providing concrete solutions. 

Regardless of which genre you write in, or which audience you are writing for, if you want to level up and improve the quality of your manuscript, Story Grid is the way to go.

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Best-Selling Author

Children's Fiction

Nature Knights fantasy adventure series for ages 9+

In a magical world where people can summon the elements, a deadly disease is raging. Clancy Donovan’s sister has died and now her brother is sick too. Those in power say a cure is on its way. But they’re lying and Clancy knows it.

Authorities have labelled Clancy difficult and rebellious; now she’s their best hope for a cure. To succeed in her quest she must disobey the Queen, the laws of her land, and even her family. She must once again become, defiant.

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Women's Fiction

I use the pseudonym Robin St. Croix for love stories so that readers can easily distinguish between the genres I write in.

Masquerade is a novel in twelve parts, each part is the length of a glass of wine, a soak in the tub, or a commute home.

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